October 8, 2015– Microimage, the college start-up which excels at present with perseverance and hard work celebrated its 20th anniversary at a blissful occasion last evening (7th October).

This event was organized to convey the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation shown to everyone who was a part of the company’s journey throughout.

The occasion began with CEO Harsha Purasinghe exhibiting the journey of their company starting from the very first Sinhala Unicode Keyboard, Helawadana. He also endorsed the Sinhala Unicode Keyboard which was initiated collaborating with ICTA producing Sinhala, Tamil and a range of other language keyboards. This initial product was given a small room in another start up store in Majestic City, EPSI. Which also has become a top notch company owned by none other than Muhunthan Canagey.

Canagey, head of ICTA, cherished and shared this journey with the audience at the occasion. “I am extremely proud to be standing here acknowledging the success of Microimage. Harsha and I have come a long way together and achieved many accomplishments together. I am more than proud to have been a part of this journey.”

Next in line was Microimage COO Suren Rupasinghe who talked about one of Sri Lanka’s best Human Capital Management Solutions which develops time and attendance and payroll software for the manufacturing sector. With great barriers, hardships and disappointments, the company was able to overcome these and launch HCM8R2 which caused a revolutionary change to the HR industry.

The company was humbly proud to deliver their services to a largely diverse client base across the region including Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brunei and Saudi Arabia.

Harsha then spoke about the company’s expansion into the international market which was initiated by joining with Asia-based OMESTI Group. This partnership with Microimage would stabilize Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions in the Asian Markets.

The new venture, MIHCM (Microimage HCM) Asia used Kuala Lumpur as the main channel to deliver proprietary HCM solutions to South East Asia and beyond anchoring the regional networks of the OMESTI Group.

Mah Xian Zhen, Executive Director of OMESTI Bhd conveyed her appreciation in the effort and plans put in by the Microimage team to enter the East Asian Countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Microimage, not only providing desktop language software but also deviating to provide innovative solutions such as Human Capital Management Software Solutions, Broadcast Automation Solutions, Mobile and Digital Convergence.

At this point, Mano Sekeram, Chairman of SLASSCOME stated “Every successful company has to have a soul, and Harsha is the heart and soul of Microimage.” Summing up the story of Microimage, Mano Sekeram mentioned how they got through hardships due to various shortfalls and now have become an unbeatable HR software company in Sri Lanka not only locally but internationally as well.

Proving that Microimage is unstoppable, the company then started developing a radio automation software which paved the way to revamp all radio operations. Today, Microimage Mobile Media powers all key radio networks and the leading DTH TV operators. Microimage Mobile Media Broadcast platforms are now marketed in other regional countries as well.

Microimage further introduced ebooks via the BookHub to Sri Lanka joining with Dumindra Ratnayaka (ex-Etisalat) and Rajiva Gunasena of Gunasena Bookshops. Going forth, they developed a music app called ‘Thaala’ to enable legitimate music downloads, which was launched together with Dialog Axiata’s music service offering.

Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya, Group CEO of Dialog Axiata said that ‘whilst we live in an era of disruption, and breaking down things yesterday to do things today, it is heartening to see a company that has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest successes in this country today.”

Apart from making an impressive software, Microimage moved into social innovation by implementing the first-ever disaster and early warning solution called DEWN which is a collaboration between Dialog Axiata, Microimage and the University of Moratuwa’s Dialog Research Lab. The reason behind this world class social innovation is the Indian Ocean Tsunami that hit in 2004 snatching thousands of lives in Sri Lanka. This is currently deployed with the Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka.

After an immense journey, Microimage Holdings has become the key organisation that will be responsible in all of its diversifications including Microimage Impact. This organization will promote various social impact initiatives and all revenue generated from this will be used to revitalize social ideas towards social impact boosting the power of technology.

Prior to the conclusion of the presentation, Harsha gave an insight into the future of Microimage and pointed out the plans for their new office which will be deployed in Sydney, Australia and Dubai.

The highlights of the graceful occasion was the upgrade of HCM named as HCM15 version which was show offed via a jaw dropping video and mStudio 3.0 graced to elevate the broadcast domain. Thus Microimage continues to make innovation as their passion.

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