Microimage Donates New IT Lab to Kaluobba Primary School in Monaragala

 Microimage gifted a fully-fledged IT Lab to Kaluobba Primary School, Monaragala

Members of Microimage and Kaluobba Primary School watch an animation done by the teachers and students at the newly established IT lab.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – 30th November 2023 – In a stride towards bridging the digital divide in Sri Lanka, Microimage, a leading technology provider in the country, recently donated a fully-fledged IT lab to the Kaluobba Primary School in a remote part of Monaragala.

This marks Microimage’s second initiative in identifying underprivileged schools and delivering essential technology labs to empower students.

Access to technology is a critical factor in today’s education landscape. This newly established IT Lab is furnished with 12 computers and laptops, furniture, Wi-Fi connectivity and a projector. This setup is designed to enhance the learning experience, providing students with hands-on exposure to modern technology.

“We believe that every child deserves access to quality education and the opportunities that technology brings. With the world moving towards digitalisation, it’s a right and a necessity today to have access to digital technologies. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to creating a more digitally inclusive society for the betterment of the future generation,” said Harsha Purasinghe, Chairman/CEO of Microimage.

In 2020, Microimage initiated its first project and gifted a technology lab to Ethabendiwewa Primary School in Lenadora, Dambulla. Microimage’s commitment to fostering digital inclusion aligns with its mission to positively impact and empower communities through technology. By strategically identifying underprivileged schools like Kaluobba Primary, the company aims to support digital education, improve digital literacy, and ensure that students get access to digital technology.

Microimage originated as a high-school start-up in the ’90s and evolved into a successful software development company in Sri Lanka. Its subsidiaries, MiHCM and Futura Tech Labs focus on delivering Human Resource Management and Media Broadcasting solutions, operating globally with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

MiHCM serves an international clientele of 600+ companies across 20 countries in Asia. The company has won prestigious awards, including the Microsoft Malaysia ISV Partner of the Year in 2022 and the Microsoft ISV of the Year for Southeast Asia New Markets in 2019 and 2020.

Microimage’s other subsidiary, Futura Tech Labs is a leading innovator in media broadcasting, film, and niche digital solutions. The company’s flagship product, mStudio – radio automation software and vStatio – video automation solutions powers leading radio and TV networks encompassing over 60 radio stations in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Brunei with an estimated radio listenership of 10 million.

To learn more about the Microimage journey, visit: https://microimage.com/