Microimage HCM Asia, a partner of OMESTI Group shared technology challenges faced by HR leaders now a days at the MIHRM Technology Congress in Kuala Lumpur which was held recently.

Director of Microimage HCM Asia Harsha Purasinghe stated, “This was a great opportunity to share technology challenges that HR Leaders face today due to disruptive technologies. Unlike before, HR professionals today need to understand the right technology and then be able to deploy it in their organisations to attract, manage, and retain talent in a complex business environment with a growing next generation workforce.”

Mcroimage HCM Asia marked its presence in the 3 day congress, sharing and delivering perspectives and expertise in front of an audience of 250 delegates. Many key issues related to HR were brought up in the congress such as, role of a HR Professional and how to transfer to strategic business advisor, talent attraction and retention programmes and making the connection between academia and industry a strong one.

As endorsed by Microimage, businesses in the Asian territory face various challenges when dealing with HR Systems. Harsha said, “Some organisations are weighed down by legacy systems that were designed decades ago. Others are hampered by lack of centralisation due to multiple systems being in place. Equally important is the need to address the dynamic expectations of the next generation workforce and to have access to better HR analytics.”

He also added “Effective use of cloud computing, smartphone apps, and social media for productive collaboration and better employee engagement are just some of the key technology enablers that bring greater visibility to talent management,” as he further elaborated the significance of understanding the technology shifts that are vital for HR to liaise talent with business requirements.

Microimage HCM consist of a comprehensive enterprise class HCM solutions in module basis. The 14 modules serves to requirements starting from operational HR, Talent Management to HCM analytics. This HCM system also implement multi-channel employee service delivery using web, mobile and KIOSK platforms. The system is cascaded to three sections offering services to clients. They are, on premise, managed service and cloud as SaaS. A bundled up HCM product is also present in the cloud which would be beneficial for Small and Medium businesses.

Moving further, Microimage has a diverse client base in Sri Lanka and spreading across other Asian markets where its multi module HCM solution was deployed to one of the leading financial institutions in Malaysia and for a global accountancy major.

Microimage HCM Asia is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur engaging in marketing, sales and distribution, implementation and support for the whole HCM suite. Harsha further conveyed “Since forming the joint venture with OMESTI last year, we have already established our presence in a number of ASEAN territories by forming strong partnerships. Over the course of the next 2-3 years, we intend to cover the entire ASEAN region,”


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