MiHCM announces Facial Recognition capability for Workforce Attendance Authentication

MiHCM will be the first to introduce face recognition for attendance authentication with geo-tagging and geo-fencing capabilities. Businesses will be able to leverage real-time facial recognition to capture employee attendance along with the most complete Time Attendance Solution.


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — July 22, 2020 — With employees returning to the workplace, businesses must make changes to their regular operations to ensure employee safety. MiHCM, the leading technology company specializing in human resource (HR) platforms, is committed to offering the most complete and timely HR solutions to a global enterprise clientele with their MiHCM cloud HR platform.


The company unveiled a new facial recognition facility for MiHCM Mobile to help businesses create safe and secure work environments. MiHCM is the first complete mobile HCM app across several South East Asian markets to offer a fully-fledged Time Attendance system with a host of time tracking features including facial recognition, geofencing, geo-tagging capabilities and comprehensive HR services all in one app.


MiHCM Mobile’s new facial recognition facility will allow businesses to track employee check-in and check-out through a contactless attendance system to support remote workforces and COVID-19 prevention measures at the workplace.


With the inclusion of facial recognition capability, the MiHCM time attendance module is now presenting an inclusive experience to companies with the biometric facility to check-in/out, geofencing, geo-tagging in addition to the essential attendance and leave functionality namely; leave, timesheet, time change, overtime requests submissions and all related approvals.


“We are continuously innovating and updating our products to deliver the best employee experience for all our customers,” said Harsha Purasinghe, Founder, and CEO of MiHCM. “As businesses around the world implement safety practices to combat COVID-19, facial recognition technology will be imperative to ensure employee safety while accurately capturing workforce attendance. By eliminating the need to physically contact the attendance capturing devices, we hope that MiHCM Mobile App will help businesses immensely during this period.”


MiHCM Mobile is designed to run with or without the MiHCM HR platform. Therefore, any business can make use of this mobile face recognition enabled check IN/OUT capability integrating to their respective HR system. Also, it’s seamlessly integrated to work alongside MiHCM Cloud Digital HR, a platform that offers end-to-end operational and talent management HR functions while leveraging advanced analytics and natural language query functionalities to provide talent insights for timely and accurate decision-making. The combination of both platforms consolidates employees into one centralized system, creating an automated attendance management process that is efficient and completely touchless.


Concerns about the health and safety of both customers and employees should be top of mind for any business. COVID-19 has raised awareness of hygiene as it relates to touching surfaces such as keypads. No longer in favour are contact-based modalities including use of personal identification numbers (PINs) and keypads.


MiHCM was also the first to launch a digital HR Bot for Microsoft Teams—MiHCM HR Bot for Microsoft Teams. The MiHCM HR Bot provides a series of digital experiences to the workforce to perform essential HR tasks and work-related tasks. With businesses relying more than ever on their HR teams to ensure remote workforce productivity, MiHCM HR Bot also helps HR to derive timely productivity reports to comprehend the productivity levels of the workforce regularly whilst supporting a range of HR services to enhance the experiences for entire workforce.


MiHCM Digital HCM’s footprint in the region extends to more than 300 companies across 15 international markets with clients in large Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Telco, Professional Services, Retail and Technology companies since its debut in 2017.  MiHCM will continue to offer the latest technology to assist businesses from small, mid-size and large enterprises across the world to streamline and transition HR from a legacy system to a modern digital platform.



About MiHCM  

MiHCM Digital Human Capital Management facilitates organisations to transform legacy HR systems and processes to a true digital environment. MiHCM is a spin-off digital HR venture by Microimage; a leading technology provider in business interest in number of domains. MiHCM is a leading global human capital management software solution designed to run at scale on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. In South Asia and South East Asia, MiHCM holds a strong presence and has implemented its digital HCM solution for a range of clients from large enterprises with regional operations to SMEs.


MiHCM is a global Gold certified, IP co-sell ready managed ISV partner of Microsoft Corporation and its HCM Cloud solution is available on Microsoft’s global flagship product store AppSource. Microimage was awarded the 2019 Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the year award as a testimony for the engineering and technical delivery excellence demonstrated. MiHCM is powered by secure, scalable and stable Microsoft Azure cloud and is currently deployed via the Azure Data Centres in APAC. MiHCM regional HQ is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the nerve centre of the firm’s Research and Development activity is in Colombo, Sri Lanka.