MiHCM Launches SmartAssist: A Game-Changing AI Tool for HR Productivity and Precision

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (22nd January, 2024) – MiHCM, a global provider of digital solutions for human capital management unveiled its ground-breaking AI powered HR co-pilot – SmartAssist, poised to propel HR into the Future of Work.

This innovative tool is the latest addition to the cloud-based MiHCM HR suite of solutions, providing real-time AI that goes beyond traditional automation tools; using large language models (LLMs) and HR data to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and liberate HR professionals from mundane tasks.


Automated Letter Builder for Effortless Correspondence

SmartAssist introduces a powerful automated letter builder, empowering HR departments to generate essential documents effortlessly. Users can provide a detailed prompt and instantly generate any type of employee letter ranging from offer letters to warning letters, accurate and personalised to each employee. SmartAssist automates the development of the document and emailing process, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.


Dynamic Job Description Builder for Precision and Efficiency

The HR Co-Pilot provides a dynamic platform for crafting precise and effective job descriptions aligned to a company’s communications style. Features include generating datasets for skills, qualifications, experience required, responsibilities of the job and key performance indicators, at a click of a button. With intuitive features and AI-driven suggestions, HR teams can create compelling job descriptions that attract top talent and are aligned with organisational goals. SmartAssist ensures consistency and compliance in job descriptions across the organisation.


Data Retrieval Capabilities for Informed Decision-Making

Gone are the days where laborious retrieval across hardcopy files and folders are required to churn reports and provide relevant insights. MiHCM SmartAssist is designed as an integrated search engine to give HR professionals and C-level management instant information retrieval to critical HR data. Users can type in their prompt and instantaneously get high-level information, statistics and reports on employee profile, productivity, attendance, salaries, timesheets, turnover, absenteeism, diversity and inclusion; and more. HR professionals can thereafter utilise such data to analyse trends and patterns, enabling swift decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information.


MiHCM is continuously working to extend the reach of SmartAssist into other key aspects of its HCM Solutions, providing the ideal balance between AI and human cognitive effort in HR, and empowering HR professionals and management to spearhead their workforce more effectively.

“We are excited to announce MiHCM SmartAssist – AI Powered HR Copilot which will unlock HR’s strategic potential and drive tremendous efficiency. SmartAssist now enables HR teams to completely move out from mundane and repetitive tasks and focus on more high-level initiatives” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of MiHCM.

“For business owners, the ability to gain access to instantaneous real-time insights is vital. As such, the instantaneous results that can be generated by SmartAssist allow business owners to analyse trends and patterns in order to quickly make fact-based decisions for strategic workforce planning & workforce alignment”, he added.

MiHCM SmartAssist will be available globally in the second quarter of 2024; and will be licensed on top of the existing MiHCM Enterprise and MiHCM Lite solutions.


About MiHCM

MiHCM serves an international clientele of 600+ companies across 22 countries with a proven track record of helping organisations embrace digital HR and work tech solutions. With a prominent presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand in Southeast Asia, and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Maldives in South Asia, MiHCM harnesses the power of workplace, workforce, and work data with cloud-based data & AI solutions to help organisations embrace the future of work. MiHCM was recognised Microsoft ISV partner of the year for 2022 in Malaysia and ISV of the year in South East Asia New Markets in in 2019 and 2020.


About SmartAssist

SmartAssist is an AI powered HR co-pilot developed by MiHCM as an additional layer atop its flagship HR Solutions, which utilises generative AI capabilities to streamline processes that help liberate HR professionals from routine and mundane tasks, hence empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives.


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