MiHCM Unveils AI Innovations: Redefining the Future of HR

Colombo, Sri Lanka – 24th June 2024 – MiHCM, a global HR technology provider recently unveiled a host of new AI-powered solutions at MiHCM Connect 2024, an event hosted at Shangri-La Hotel.

This event showcased its most anticipated AI features, including its latest AI-powered HR Co-pilot – MiHCM SmartAssist designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of MiHCM users.

“The launch of SmartAssist and our other AI-powered solutions marks a pivotal moment in our journey to revolutionise the HR landscape. We are empowering HR professionals to break free from the mundane, unleash their strategic potential, and truly shape the future of work,” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO, MiHCM.

SmartAssist frees HR professionals from routine and research tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives. This HR Co-pilot can instantly generate employee letters, job descriptions, surveys, and evaluation forms with a single prompt. It can further provide high-level, cognitive answers to complex C-level questions.

MiHCM also introduced additional features and integrations that enhance recruitment, onboarding, and the digital document signing processes. The company showcased its versatile product and solution offerings through engaging demonstrations and insightful case studies.

Ruwanthi Fernando, Chief Information and Process Officer of Hela Apparel Holdings PLC shared a compelling case study of their successful customer journey with MiHCM. She highlighted how MiHCM enabled Hela to build a solid digital HR system, unifying the organisation’s HR operations across its global landscape.

This system integrates seamlessly with other enterprise digital platforms, enhancing the overall employee experience. Ruwanthi also shared how the experience delivered through smartphones allows all employees to easily apply for leave, access pay slips, and utilise a host of other features at their fingertips.

Delivering the closing keynote address, Sanjiva Weerawarana, the Founder and CEO of WSO2, congratulated the MiHCM team for demonstrating exceptional use cases where AI is meaningfully applied in HR for greater productivity and valuable insights. He emphasised the importance of responsible AI usage and commended the team for building a global company from the ground up and successfully expanding to numerous geographies.

In 2017, MiHCM unveiled its Cloud HR platform, introducing a comprehensive digital experience that combines functional depth with outstanding usability for all stakeholders. This followed the launch of MiHCM Lite for small businesses in 2019, MiA – a Workplace Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams in 2020, MiHCM Data & AI in 2022 and Ask MiA GPT AI-powered knowledge base solution in 2023.

“I’m incredibly excited to lead our team in harnessing the power of SmartAssist and our AI-driven solutions. We are committed to empowering clients to streamline their HR processes, unlock valuable insights, and cultivate a thriving workplace. Together, we will drive innovation and growth for businesses,” said Pubudini Abeyesekera, General Manager Business Operations – Sri Lanka and Maldives, MiHCM.

Today, MiHCM serves a notable clientele of over 1,000 companies across South and Southeast Asia with a market presence in over 20 countries and the support of a robust network of over 30 partners.

“Our partners play a crucial role in extending the reach of our AI-powered HR innovations. I’m thrilled to collaborate with our global network of partners to bring the transformative capabilities of SmartAssist and our other solutions to our shared clients,” said Himashie Perera, General Manager Partnerships, MiHCM.

To learn more about MiHCM, visit: https://mihcm.com